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Yesterday Represent Clothing launched their first women's collection, Spirit. Slightly adapted to flatter the woman's silhouette, Spirit mirrors the Wraith collection, both based around the art of layering to ensure every piece fits seamlessly with the next. 

See the full collection via their website here, and Instagram (@Representclo), and don’t forget to tag Represent in your social media #Representclo.  



(DKNY mesh tee | Topshop Boutique shorts | Adidas Adilette slides)

DKNY turned 25 and to celebrate I helped host their birthday event at Harvey Nichols celebrating decades of style inspired by NYC. For their spring 2014 collection, Donna Karan really played with the silhouette, texture and fit of the pieces. With an even mix of feminine and masculine, the collection had an element of 90s streetwear throughout, and could be worn in numerous ways by any body shape. I loved the versatility and wearability of each piece.

Prior to the event I picked out my favourite pieces to style 12 looks for the models to wear. I primarily chose black and white with the odd pop of colour. I personally loved the cobalt blue and logo printed tee and tunic (worn above), and the paisley print. During the event, I talked through each outfit I had chosen and what my influences were. Thank you to everyone who came and watched the talk, and happy birthday DKNY! 



Studio Nicholson tunic dress | AllSaints leather jacket | & Other Stories joggers | 3.1 Phillip Lim bag | Adidas slides

This time of year always leaves me feeling indecisive about what to wear. My solution: wear everything at once. If the weather is going to sit on the fence, so am I. 

To ease myself into the warm(ish) weather and - let's face it - me wearing a dress, I wore joggers underneath this Studio Nicholson tunic (which has pockets! Hooray for dresses with pockets), slides and my leather jacket that I no longer have to worry about carrying because I've found the perfect sized bag to fit a jacket, laptop and all that other unnecessary stuff girls like to carry around with them.

Photos by Shini



Charlie May wool bomber | Chapter jacket (worn around waist) | COS silk boiler suit | Vans SK8 Hi 

The past few months I've been struggling to break free from my wearing a turtleneck at all times. It gives me a feeling of comfort, something you all know I feel strongly about (read: sneakers 90% of the time. Not a trend thing, just lazy). This warm weather has forced me to fold and hide my turtlenecks for the time being. They have now been replaced by this Chapter jacket, which is now permanently around my waist. It's a men's small and is a little too big around the shoulders, but it falls perfectly around my calves. Seemingly forever. I wore it with a wool bomber from Charlie May's AW14 collection and the softest silk boiler suit I picked up from COS the other day. Yes, I am a creature of comfort and I am in no way ashamed of it. 

Photos by Charlie




I usually keep my love for music separate from my site, but when I saw the beautiful artwork for the highly anticipated second full length album from Teebs I couldn't not share it with you. Teebs is a skater, artist, a signature member of Flying Lotus' LA-based record label Brainfeeder, and someone who I've been an avid follower of for quite some time. Basically, he's one of those dudes who's seemingly good at just about everything he loves. Hate those guys. 

Although Teebs visited a handful of beautiful studios in the hills of Los Angeles in the process of creating Estara, he ended up back in his modest bedroom studio and the same Fruity Loops-based set-up that he's been using for years. This is where the record takes its name from. 

Similarly to his music, Teebs' artwork is an undeniable representation of his life at that particular moment. In contrast to Adour, his first full-length album that came together during a difficult time in his life, Estara was created during a period of relative calm. You can see this just by his use of colour. I would say the same for the music itself, but I've chosen not to listen to it digitally and wait for the record to arrive. If Ardour or Collections 01 were anything to go by, I'm not the least bit worried. I'll probably crack and stream it this evening. I have minimal amounts of self control with things I've waited so long for. 

You can buy the album here.



AllSaints leather jacket | COS shirt dress | vintage jeans | Weekday sheer socks | Adidas Campus 

My first shoot on London turf, I'm back baby! I was greeted with beautiful sunshine, followed by a hideous flu. Spent the last few days in bed. So far, so good. I'm addicted to wearing anything calf-length at the moment, with jeans or trousers underneath and a boxy jacket or sweater over the top. It's even lead me towards buying a skirt. Yes, a skirt. London has changed me.

Photos by Charlie


H&M SS14

Although I've been steering away from high street stores recently, H&M has some really nice basics for spring. Here are my favourite pieces from the collection, all under £100?! Even those boots, which need to be on my feet as soon as humanly possible. I've seen them posted on Instagram a couple of times and I don't think this stock image does them any justice, so I'm definitely making a trip to the store to take a closer look (read: buy them). Click here to view the interactive collection and see the video campaign featuring Miranda Kerr. You can hover over the collection images to reveal close up videos to get a closer look too.



Carhartt overshirt | Lucas Nascimento dress | Topshop slides | Kara 'Stowaway' bag

Met Charlie for an innocent coffee on Saturday. Coffee turned into Leffe Blonde, coffee house turned into a venture to a nearby sample sale and I somehow left with this Lucas Nascimento dress in hand. Note to self: don't drink beer when around Charlie. It's super nice though right? I mean I actually own a dress now, and it can be worn all year round. It also has pockets, which I've realised I need to help avoid unnatural hand placement when I'm not holding something. Another sign of my weird social awkwardness. To ease myself into dress wearing, I paired it with an old Carhartt overshirt I stole from my friend Kyle and some matching pony hair slides. "Are you still on camo?!" my friend asked while laughing at me yesterday. Turns out I am. Pretty much the only print/colour palette I can do comfortably year in, year out. I asked him why he was still on Stan Smiths in response so I definitely won. 



Charlie May coat | AllSaints sleeveless leather jacket | Acne roll neck | AllSaints silk trousers | Adidas Superstar II | Kara 'Stowaway' bag

Baby post from me today. I'm having some trouble with image quality when uploading to Blogger (which really isn't good for my OCD), and I'm currently in the process of rebranding and changing the host of my site, so if I disappear for a little bit you know why. My patience is running low with it rn (note: rn = right now but way better).

As all of you who follow me on Instagram may have gathered, I spent a lot of time with the babe that is Charlie May while in Paris. Her showroom became my second home/wardrobe, and each day I fell in love with something new from the collection. Trust me, the show was good, but in person? Whole new level of good. Every piece is super wearable too. This floor length navy coat was one of my favourite pieces from the Charlie May AW14 collection, particularly the pony hair detail on the collar and the deep, silk lined pockets I struggled to remove my hands from. I wore this sleeveless leather jacket and the softest, best fitting pair of cropped trousers I've ever owned from AllSaints, a roll neck (obviously) and my Superstars which I've had to replace because my feet are spending far too much time with them rn. 



So fashion month is now over and I still haven't quite recovered. I'm still exhausted despite embracing a lie-in wherever humanly possible, and I haven't made it out much since I've got back. Still, I kind of miss the constant rush of adrenaline, lack of sleep, and dare I say replacing steady meals with strong coffee, wine and cigarettes. It's exhausting, but the good kind. 

If you haven't been following my Instagram, here's an overview of my Paris travels, including jewellery from Noor Fares and Jennifer Fisher at the Valery Demure showroom, the rooftop hot tub in my Montparnasse apartment thanks to Waytostay and Fashiolista, my second home/wardrobe i.e. Charlie May's showroom and beloved balcony, Karen Walker sunglasses hand delivered from NYC by Bradbury Lewis (you angel), and of course the beautiful Parisian architecture. I swear I spent most of my time looking up. My highlights were definitely wining and dining with Mario Testino (never thought I'd say that in a sentence) and meeting the boys at Public School. I'd been waiting to see their collection in person for quite some time. I didn't actually make it to many shows that I had planned to go to, and instead they were replaced by constant Uber rides, over-running meetings and more wine. I did manage to get through the manic stampede of people outside the Yohji Yamamoto show though, and my god the coats. I use the term coats loosely, they could definitely pass as duvets. Not that I'm complaining or anything.