ph. SS/11 @ Bodkin

As you may well know, I’m instantly drawn to simple, minimalist clothing and anything with a muted palette. Call me boring, but that’s just what I like. So when I try to find the perfect pocket tank or playsuit for under £100 with no luck, it just leaves me wondering why the majority of the high street lacks relaxed, understated essentials that focuses on fit, comfort and material rather than decoration. I end up spending hours traipsing the Internet, only to find another designer producing perfectly formed urban essentials.

This morning I initially planned to start my Design and Visual Culture project but stumbled across Bodkin, and while Vogue is teasing me with an imageless report for the Acne AW/11-12 show, I thought it would be silly not to blog about it. With comfort at its core, Bodkin is exactly what I’ve been looking for (despite the extra zero added to the price tag). Simple, perfectly formed and honoring that undone, day-to-night effortlessness I oh so love, with wry details that gives its simple shapes a subtle difference. How perfect are those silk playsuits?


  1. s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g
    thanks for sharing :)

    X Laila - EnvySplendour

  2. so amazing

  3. love this collection :)