Behind-the-scenes video on the making of Alexander Wang's new store in New York. Too perfect.



It's payday! Everyone loves payday, so I thought it would be a perfect time to share with you this gorgeous sterling silver ring size L (around 5.5-6 in US sizing) I'm selling, amongst a selection of clothes, jewellery, and accessories via my Shifting Clothes shop (more will be added by next week). To browse, buy, or even sell items from your own wardrobe click the Shifting Clothes link on the right side of this page and get involved. Happy shopping!



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Turquoise and silver jewellery, loose fitting jumpers, open backs, tribal influences, biker boots, secret tattoos, caramel tones, short shorts, black on black, double belting, cut up tees, suede, natural curls, sunkissed skin, leather trousers.

Hello, spring.



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Turns out the rumours provoked by Pamela Love’s appearance at the Topshop show last September are true, as Love has paired with the brand for a five-part collection, with the first dropping next month. The series includes her signature arrows, dreamcatchers, and hearts. Yes, hearts. And no, I couldn’t believe it either. She tweeted a couple of days ago: “When have you seen me use hearts before? But it works.” The use of hearts apparently evokes the spirit of America. As Love is the first designer from America, she felt it was important to represent that.

Honestly? I don’t quite know how I feel about it. I mean I adore Pamela Love’s collections and everything about her, as I’m sure most of you do too, but the individuality and authenticity of her jewellery is what draws me towards her. Personally, when I know every other person owns an item of jewellery I own, rings in particular, it almost takes the pleasure out of wearing it. I will probably love the Pamela Love x Topshop collection and still end up owning a couple of items, but I’ll just be a bit moody about it. See you in the queue, I guess…

PS. Shifting Clothes has now launched! Clicking on the logo on the right side of this page will take you straight to the homepage. Thanks buddies.



I long for the day I can allow myself to fall in love with something online without having to save it to my favourites, knowing full well I won’t ever be able to afford it. I may be hard to please but when that day comes, I can finally relax a bit. I will have to wait a while, but it will definitely be worth it. And let’s face it; we both know I’m going to find a way to buy this one way or another.



Whilst overlooking my next university brief, which just so happens to be photography based, I realised I’ve never actually shared with you what I spent the last two years of my life supposedly doing. I understand reading about a person’s inspiration, likes and dislikes can get a little boring, so I thought I’d share some of my final images with you, seeing as I’m not doing anything remotely productive.

For my final major project at college the challenge was to not only set myself my own brief but also to stick to it, which was harder than I ever could have imagined, what with me being the most fickle person on this planet and all. I decided to rebrand Topshop by photographing a lookbook in the form of a zine. There is a lot I would change but I suppose that’s the idea of it all. Organising models, buying and returning heaps of clothes, styling, playing around with photographic equipment that I have no idea what it does, and trying to find available make up artists and hair stylists who were willing to work for free was hard work, but it was oh so worth it. Just wish I kept a copy for myself…