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Silk layers, bare legs, loose tank tops, white bed linen, pops of colour, suede ankle boots and of course fantastic jewellery and a heap of silver rings.

My Macbook isn't very happy with me at the moment as I've fed her far too much information in the past year. Thought I'd make use of the hundreds of images saved to my desktop and share them with you so I can delete them and refer to them on here instead... Going away on Sunday so doubt I will be able to fit in a few outfit shoots. Was planning on doing it today but if any of you live in the North West of England and Wales you will know how bad the weather was! Will return with lots of photos from Outlook for you. Hope you enjoy these images and the last days of summer.


Leather Creeper Ankle Boots by George Cox via ASOS

The second pair of man repellers added to my wish list this month! Would look gorgeous with tanned legs and denim shorts whatever you boys say. Want want want.



1. Moroccan chemist selling natural remedies and nondescript nobbly bits
2. The Atlas mountain waterfalls
3. Hand painted salt, pepper and cumin condiment pots
4. Camels through a car (the only way I wouldn't be asked to pay for the photograph…)
5. Pure heaven. Will show the rings I bought in the next few posts
6. Me attempting to shower under a freezing waterfall in the Atlas mountains
7. A gorgeous French cafe in the centre of the Yves Saint Laurent garden selling gorgeous fruit salad, crepes, Moroccan mint tea and fruit juices. Loved the idea of using water mist to keep everyone cool
8. My gorgeous boyfriend Patrick
9. The Atlas mountains
10. A stall in the Souks selling ornate dinnerware and chandeliers
11. One of many side streets in a fishing port town we visited for Patrick's birthday

Back from Morocco and although the culture is quite difficult to adapt to Marrakech really is beautiful. And if I had an extra grand to burn on whatever I wanted I wouldn’t be able to carry my suitcase home for the amount of silver… Off to Croatia in a couple of days but will try to post a couple of outfits beforehand...



The lovely people at iFashion Magazine asked whether I could answer a few questions for one of their online features a few weeks back and recently I received an email informing me the interview was now up. I just want to say thank you to the iFashion Magazine team for taking an interest in my personal style and that I feel very honoured to be included in the Blogger Style feature this month! Read the whole interview here.

Oh and make sure you keep clicking the link below to ensure I'm in with a chance to be a part of Bloggers Wardrobe. Thank you!


... more stuff! The last flash sale before I go away. If you want anything from my shop please make sure you request and pay before Friday as I won't be able to send it to you until I get back. Click here to shop. Go go go!

Oh and sorry there hasn't been as many outfit posts recently. Every day I seem to have off work it's either raining or my photographer is working. Will try and squeeze one or two in this week. Until then, stay safe. Particularly if you live in London or any city affected by the riots. Living next to sheep has its benefits on the odd occasion...



Lookbook from Planet Blue. How bloody good? If the silver jewellery hunt doesn't go quite to plan while in Morocco I know where I'm heading as soon as I land back in Manchester... Particularly love that three cross necklace. Vanessa Mooney is one to watch.


Yes I want a pair and no I'm not joking.