As I'm sure most of my Facebook friends are seriously fed up of me posting my blog posts and music I like every few days, and as a lot of you have taken an interest in what I listen to, I've decided to create a Facebook page for this blog. It's mainly to let you know each time I have a new blog post and to post anything I find inspiring and don't necessarily have time to blog about, but it will also be a good way to ask me anything as I no longer have Formspring. So yeah, if you want to know what I'm listening to, planning to buy or what I find inspiring at the moment... get liking here. Thank you!



Ashley Lewis smashed the styling for Luv AJ's new lookbook. So good. Love the pink roots, the Wang backpack and the Supreme tee in the first image. Oh and it's nice to see Janye from Stop It Right Now's customised Celine decks I posted about here have made an appearance. Love it all. I think the only thing I would change is the choice of footwear...



(Vans CA 46s, New Balance 576s, Ash 'Cool' hidden wedge sneakers, Romwe creepers, Sparkle & Fade cropped top, Alexander Wang joggers and a Silence + Noise mesh insert sweater)

Deadlines are dangerous and unhealthy and I shouldn't have anything to do with them. I still haven't been to sleep since Wednesday night and I pretty much always end up spending 90% of the time sitting in my room online shopping, eating Revels and drinking Coke. My eyes are about half the size they once were and I'm a lot poorer than I was last week. At least my feet look pretty though hey? Made my weekly trip to the Post Office depot (I'm sure they know me by name now) to pick up any undelivered parcels and here are some of the things I bought recently. Loving anything cropped and anything with a platform at the moment. Yes I'm going down the 90s route I said I would never, ever go down. Perfect time to start working at Apparel I guess!


via Up There Store

Can someone please just find me a pair of New Balance 998s (or any similar for that matter. Little soles can't be choosers) in a UK 3.5 or 4 pretty pretty please? Really starting to piss me off how 99% of the sneakers I want aren't made for little humans. Not all of us like baby pink. We have taste too y'know.



 Woke up this morning to realise I'd reached a million views! I mean A MILLION views, really?! That's ridiculous, and slightly surreal. So I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has followed and supported my blog and I through the productive and maybe not so productive months. It means a lot. I have quite a few plans in the near future but for now I just plan to fit in more outfit posts for you all, so make sure to keep checking. I've also disabled my Formspring as I was getting far too many of the same questions and some were a little too personal for my liking. If you want to ask me anything feel free to tweet me.

Oh and above is a photo of me and my favourite boys at Stealth, Nottingham. I'm wearing a H&M metallic cropped knit, Levi cut offs, a vintage belt and creepers (obviously). I'll show this outfit or something similar in its entirety some time soon.



Eriko Nakao + Takashi Yoshida + Rie Shiraishi via Sugar Guerrilla

Like any other teenager trying to fit into this forever changing world of fashion I tend to change my sense of style quite a lot. I mean a lot. Whether it's a good or bad thing I tend to go through extreme transitions probably about three or four times a year. And I can sense I'm going through one right now, as I have started to hate pretty much everything in my wardrobe, bookmark or pick things up in stores I would never look twice at a month or two ago, and check my bookmarked blogs a lot less. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to be inspired by a lot of the blogs that I follow too. It's all just starting to bore me a bit…

So you can probably guess how excited I was when I saw the Eriko Nakao + Takashi Yoshida + Rie Shiraishi collaboration blog Sugar Guerrilla. The Japanese model and meme Eriko Nakao is a big deal in Japan and I'm pretty much in love with the girl. She has that annoyingly good ability to look like a completely different person with different makeup or a new hair colour or whatever, her styling is so inspiring I could probably look at these images and nothing else for the next few months, and, well... she's pretty fucking hot.

Oh and for those of you who often ask music-related things I have some stuff planned but until then you can see my never ending list of Soundcloud favourites via my Twitter here.



(Alexander Wang joggers, T by Alexander Wang sweater, vintage suede jacket, Grafea rucksack, Ash hidden wedge sneakers, Michael Kors watch, Fashionology jewellery, American Apparel neon nail varnish)

This is what I wore to university the other day. I was so happy when I found these wedges after spending almost a year staring at Isabel Marant's Bobby sneakers. They're so comfy as well. Oh and finally my deadlines are over and I can get back to blogging. I've decided to take my beanie off for you today too... just so you can see what my middle parting actually looks like. So nice not to have a fringe when it's windy. Ignore the brassy tones though. Think it's time to dye the shit out of this hair...

Considering it's against pretty much all my morals, I've had a really nice Valentines Day. Hope you all have too!

PS. Excuse the tired eyes. Deadlines and lots of going out means I'm not looking my best. Worth it though.



via rackk and ruin

So fucking good.