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I have a proposal for any aspiring or established illustrators, but first I want to apologise for being pretty fucking shit. Being very busy with no money and a huge deadline doesn't make it so easy to find time in between these painful storms every few days, so I've just accepted I won't be doing an outfit post for a few weeks. I will be done for summer then so I will have zero excuses.

In the meantime, if you have an interest in music and if you hand draw, illustrate or generally do something pretty creative, I would love for you to get involved with my zine I'm making for my final project at university. I've been planning to do something completely different up until this point when I stumbled across Young Collosus, an illustrated book created by Orlando Weeks, lead singer of The Maccabees. And it's so good I've changed my whole idea. It will look something similar to the image above, but can be one image, a collection of images or a comic strip like the one shown.

So if you are up for visualising a song, EP or album for me (I will give you a list of options but you can choose which one you would like to draw or illustrate) in any style you like feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or email. My contact details are on the right and this would have to be done ideally by the 19th or 20th May. It will be featured in my printed zine, which will then be sold at the Nottingham Zine Fair on the 26th. Your work will of course be credited and I will upload a digital copy of the zine to post online (I don't have to include yours if you would prefer me not to.)

Hope you can make this happen!



Topshop Boutique knitted dress
COS triangle bra
COS ankle socks
ALDO suede wedges

I can be a real girl sometimes and for my friend's 21st birthday a couple of weeks ago I wore something similar to this, except I was wearing a spaghetti strap slip from Zara (they only ever photograph their products on mannequins which may look nice but for bloggers it's a nightmare) and some platform wedge boots. I went to buy these wedges even though I couldn't really afford them but ALDO conveniently closed down that day. Maybe it was a sign to stop spending money I don't have. 

I'm finally embracing my flat chest with triangle bras and this one has to be the most comfortable bra I've ever had and looks good under white tees or drop armhole tops and dresses. Obviously had to get the socks to match too...